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A member of the Angelica family, Ashitaba grows in the islands around Okinawa. Ashitaba is a vigorously growing leafy bush, who’s name translates to English as, “The Leaf of Tomorrow”.

It has been documented that Ashitaba can sprout new growth within 24 hours of a leaf being plucked from it

Ashitaba is popularly credited in Japan with the longevity enjoyed by the inhabitants of Okinawa.

For a plant, it contains unusually high levels of Vitamin B12 which is recognized as a building block of blood cells. increases production of growth hormones and Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), It works towards increasing concentration and attention and it also supports the immune system.

It also uniquely contains Chalcones a type of flavonoid which are powerful antioxidants. Chalcones are known to stimulate the production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the body. NGF’s are essential to the development of nerve cells.

SunPotion Ashitaba is also rich powerful substances such as Chlorophyll and the trace mineral Germanium. Germanium has been found to promote the production of interferon, a substance produced by the body which works to prevent viruses and bacteria from penetrating the bodies cells.

Because of these qualities Ashitaba is thought of as a premier rejuvenation and anti-aging food.

It can be regarded a premier Raw Vegan Blood Tonic .

SunPotion Ashitaba can be consumed in water or juice. Alternatively adding makes a delicious addition to a smoothie.


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