Algae-C – Camu Camu and Chlorella – 111g Jar – Sun Potion


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Algae-C is a wonderful blend of Sun Potion’s exceptionally chlorophyll-rich Chlorella and Camu Camu’s powerful Vitamin C.

Adding Vitamin C to Sunpotions super nutrient Chlorella creates the perfect pick me up in a glass.

SunPotion Chlorella is grown under the highest organic standards in indoor laboratories in Taiwan. It is then processed using an advanced sound frequency technology to shatter the cell wall thus, rendering the wealth of nutrients easily available for our bodies absorption. This technology represents a major advance from the traditional Dyno-Milling technique used by many producers today.

Chlorella is an exceptional food because it contains complete amino acid chains, essential fatty acids, and extremely high levels of chlorophyll. Chlorella is often used to keylate heavy metals from the human body.

Camu Camu is a berry from the Amazon Rainforest which contains 40x more Vitamin C than an orange.Vitamin C is well known to support the bodies immune system.

SunPotion Camu Camu is Organically produced in the Amazon then freeze-dried for optimal potency. Many people find a teaspoonful of Algae-C in a glass of pure water a wonderful way to begin an uplifted day.


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