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Goji Berries, also known as “the happiness fruit”, have been consumed daily for health for thousands of years in Asia. Goji Berries are considered to have long term health benefits which make them so much more than just a tasty snack. It is considered to be a balanced herb in TCM neither warming nor cooling and is therefore appropriate for consumption by anyone.

Goji’s are a wonderfully nourishing food containing a remarkable amount of complete vegetable protein and 18 amino acids. The polysaccharides (complex sugars) in Goji’s are fundamental to it’s ability to nourish the body and contain many beneficial substances.

Goji’s contain a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals, some of which go a long way towards explaining traditional chinese claims about the wonderful effects of these berries.

Vitamins A, B1,B2,B5,B6, C and, unusually for a fruit, Vitamin E, are all present in high at substantial concentrations. Goji Berries are also rich in minerals such as Calcium, Copper, Germanium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium and Zinc.

Modern science tells us that Goji’s are a “high-ORAC”, antioxidant-rich food containing free radical scavenging substances. This is a prime reason for their being a legendary longevity food.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine description of Goji nourishing the blood is supported by their high levels of Iron. Furthermore, one of the glycoconjugate polysaccharides in lycium barbarum plants protect against DNA mutations by increasing blood serum levels of superoxide dismutase (the king of antioxidants).  The zinc content of Goji berries benefits the production of male semen as well as being a building block for certain key proteins that repair DNA.

Goji’s credit for nourishing kidney Yin may in part be accounted for by the ability that the sesquiterpenoids it contains to increase the secretion of human growth hormone (HGH) by the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain. HGH is a master hormone that is responsible for keeping the entire cascade of steroidal and sex hormones in good balance.

The Beta Carotene and Lutein present in Goji’s are known to improve and repair eyesight which gives validation to the traditional assertion that Goji’s assist the eyes.

SunPotion Goji Berries are wild crafted in Tibet and are tested to be free of environmental pollutants which can be present in conventionally farmed berries.

Traditionally Goji Berries are considered best consumed an ounce or two a day, every day. The regular intake of these berries allows the healthy ingredients to be fully absorbed and to work their way into the body in a sustained way to support its optimal function. Rather than occasionally gorging on them purely because they are delicious, continuous moderate consumption allows for a daily uplifting treat which truly nourishes.


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