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Ashwagandha, Indian Winter Cherry, is sometimes referred to as “Indian Ginseng”. It has been a cornerstone of the Ayurvedic Healing Tradition for thousands of years. It flourishes in semi-tropical rainforests in the autumn after the rains. Most formulations and extracts primarily use the root.

Ashwagandha has been shown to contain many beneficial chemicals including Alkaloids, Amino Acids , Fatty Acids and Polysacchirides. Taking Ashwagandha is shown to increase the body’s levels of Super Oxide Dismutase  (SOD), an extremely powerful “super antioxidant”.  SOD’s anti-inflammatory qualities benefit the body. This in turn has a positive influence on the bodies aging processes. Ashwaghandha is traditionally used for its Adaptagenic qualities to regulate the bodies functions.

Its ability to decrease the effects of mental, emotional and physical stress, has seen it used widely throughout the sub-continent, for centuries

It has been credited with improving memory and other cognitive abilities. The well-known amino acid GABA is present in Ashwagandha and has been shown to have a calming effect on the body and promote sound sleep.

It is traditionally used to build vigor and strength and to support recovery after illness.

Ashwagandha is widely used by mountain climbers and other adventurers in the Himalayas due to its profoundly sustaining qualities.

SunPotion Ashwagandha is a powdered organic root extract. It can be added to teas or smoothies as part of a daily routine or taken when under duress.


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